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economy pandemic


Britain must rebuild economy with an eye on debt levels, Labour says: "But his speech is likely to be overshadowed by official forecasts showing soaring national debt levels caused by the pandemic that has forced large sectors of the economy and millions of jobs onto taxpayer-funded life support."...
— (Reuters) (11/23)     Nov 24, 2020

trump election


Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) Statement on Court Ruling in Trump v. Boockvar Is Worth Reading: "Indulging the President's continued efforts to delegitimize the election through frivolous litigation and conspiracy mongering is not patriotic. It is quite the opposite. Elections have consequences, and in this election the Republican presidential candidate lost. Republicans and others who supported Trump need to acknowledge this fact and move on, as Senator Toomey has."...
— Jonathan H. Adler (Reason) (11/23)     Nov 24, 2020

electric vehicle


After Math: Microsoft turns the big 3-5: "The push towards EVs grows in strength daily. Last week a conglomeration of electric vehicle startups as well as numerous players within the battery tech supply chain decided to join forces and form a lobbying supergroup. This new organization will be tasked with courting lawmakers for their help in expanding the scope of the EV market. "...
— Andrew Tarantola (Engadget) (11/22)     Nov 24, 2020

subvert election


Michigan Certifies Biden Win Despite Trump’s GOP Overtures: "LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Michigan election officials on Monday edged closer to certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the battleground state, taking hours of public comment against the backdrop of President Donald Trump’s unprecedented campaign to subvert the results of the election."...
— Ap News (Snopes) (11/23)     Nov 24, 2020

mission bring


China in final preparations for latest lunar mission: "Chang’e 5 is China’s most ambitious lunar mission yet and marks the first time in four decades that any country has sought to bring rocks and debris from the moon to Earth. That could boost human understanding of the moon, its age and resources, and of the solar system more generally."...
— Sam Mcneil (Washington Times) (11/23)     Nov 24, 2020

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